KLM and social media

Step 1: Getting acquanted

KLM started with social media to support existing channels. Try things out, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Get started first.

Step 2: seizing the opportunity.

The ash cloud was a good opportunity to get started with Twitter and Facebook. Call centre and web site were both overloaded. Had a 24/7 shift system, 4 people on Twitter, 4 on Facebook, 4 rebookers per shift. Management was very involved, encouraged initiatives. Very empowering. Klm added a ‘rebook’ tab on their Facebook profile, which helped in getting the right information from the travelers.

KLM discourages personal reactions by individual staff members. The company often can not do anything with it, and it can give a negative backlash on Klm. See recent incident with Thomas Acda

Step 3: embed social media structurally.

Create the internal vision, then organize the teams. Vision: Klm has two main goals: Web care & Servicing and Commercial Use. This translates in two teams, with dedicated staff in each. And then integrate those teams in the organization, place it in the structure. They have well-defined targets for each team. Response within an hour, resolve within 24 hours, etc.

Step 4: Focus on the customer

Value their opinion, really listen to them. Make the ‘internal structure’ invisible for the customer, they don’t care about what is related with Air France or not. Klm now even sees that the new media channel changes their organization. A cool example for this is the flight to Miami: “You fill the plane, we will fly”.

Impressed with how Klm acted, they started with social media in October 2009. Good presentation by Anna Ketting.

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